Functional Capacity Evaluations

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Through Key Therapy Services, Functional Capacity Evaluations are performed by an experienced occupational therapist, with training through Matheson and JTech Medical Methods. An approximately four-hour FCE is used to assist a doctor or insurance company in determining whether or not a client can return to his or her previous job.


A Functional Capacity Evaluation may be needed to for a Disability Claim. An FCE will test your ability to perform work activities, including tolerances for sitting, standing, and walking. Dexterity, reaching, strength, and lifting tolerances will also be evaluated to assist in determining if you are able to perform your previous job, or perhaps at a job at a sedentary level.

Worker’s Compensation

A Functional Capacity Evaluation is performed after a work injury to establish whether or not a person is able to return to work. Recommendations for work accommodations can be made based on the findings of the FCE. The evaluation is tailored to the job description provided by the employer or the insurance company, with input from the employee being testing as well.