Work Site Ergonomic Assessment

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Overuse injuries, also referred as a cumulative trauma disorder (CTD’s) or repetitive strain injury (RSI’s), can occur gradually due to repetitive or sustained motions performed by the worker. Over time, the area of the body being used can become painful; tendons and joints can experience inflammation, and compression to nerves can also occur. Common examples of overuse injuries are tennis elbow, rotator cuff injuries, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or back strain. Overuse injuries can occur in any setting, such as the office worker with an ill-fitted work station, or a factory worker reaching overhead on an assembly line.

A work site assessment can be done to evaluate the worker while performing the essential work tasks for that particular job. At the time of the work site assessment, the therapist can be made recommendations for modifying work habits, postures, or equipment that would improve the worker’s ability to complete the essential work tasks with less strain to the body. A final analysis report is also included in the work site assessment.